Aviation Wipes

Industrial Chemicals 613 Aviation Wipes

Pre-moistened wipes to remove uncured Silicone, Polysulfide and
Polyurethane Sealants

Industrial Chemicals’ supplies the remarkable 613 Aviation Sealant Removal Wipes to aircraft manufacturers and maintenance organisations in Europe and in the USA.


613 Aviation Wipes have been specifically developed for aviation use to clean away all uncured sealants and mastics used on aircraft. They can be used where transparencies are being fitted, fuel tanks sealed or engine components are being assembled.


Unlike other wipes and solvents which have been used to remove surplus sealant, 613 wipes are neither toxic or irritant, have a pleasant mild smell and can be safely used in confined spaces without special precautions and on all surfaces and materials on aircraft, both internally and externally.


613 Aviation Wipes have passed aviation industry standard tests


AMS 1526C • AMS 1550A • AMS 1550B
Boeing D6-17487 P • Douglas CSD #1

Non-toxic and safe to handle.
Resealable pack for ease of use and to prevent drying out.