Plastic Cleaners

Plastic Coated Fabrics

There are many uses for plastic coated fabrics, for permanent architectural features and for temporary structures such as marquees. Special care must be taken when cleaning these surfaces to prevent embrittlement. Special fabrics with secondary high gloss coatings can be damaged by using aggressive products which can strip or dull the high gloss coating.

Industrial Chemicals can offer products with specialist fabric manufacturers’ approval suitable for cleaning vinyl and acrylic coated fabric.

Plastic Seating

Plastic seating, such as that found in sports facilities, requires cleaning products which will remove a wide range of difficult soiling from a variety of surfaces without causing damage. Some surfaces such as polypropylene are highly resistant to chemicals but prove difficult to clean if they have moulded grained finishes.

Industrial Chemicals can offer products suitable for cleaning a wide range of plastic moulded seating surfaces.