Sealant Wipes

Sealant Removal Wipes

A wide range of sealants and mastics, including silicone, polysulfide and polyurethane, need specialised and dangerous solvents to remove them from work surfaces. However, even before such sealants cure and harden, they cannot be removed from workers’ hands, because these solvents cannot be allowed to make contact with skin. On painted surfaces such as vehicle bodies, the solvents used to remove sealant and mastic spills are just as likely to remove the paint along with the mastic.

Industrial Chemicals offers a revolutionary non-woven fabric wipe which is impregnated with an aqueous solution and safely and easily removes uncured and part cured silicone, polysulfide and polyurethane mastics and sealants from work surfaces without damaging surface finishes or paintwork.

The product has a wide range of applications in the fields of aerospace manufacturing and maintenance, automotive manufacturing, where it is in use in auto manufacturing plants across Europe and in the USA, and auto repair, boat building, construction, engineering and the telecommunications industries.

There are also grades of wipes that can be used to pre-clean surfaces before the application of sealants.

Industrial Chemicals is seeking distribution for its range of sealant wipes thoughout the world. If your company would benefit from selling this product, please visit our contact page.